SRG Promotions was recently formed as a new, but clearly related venture, for the team at SRG Thai Boxing Gym in Sydney. With tight deadlines for an imminent muay thai event to promote, Parallel needed to produce a mark that was strong in all manner of sizes, versatile in how it could be used (e.g. work with changing event designs in coming years) and still retain a tie to its roots to the SRG Gym.

Versatility came with a stacked version of logo, along with the default/preferred horizontal version:


The SRG Promotions mark takes its branding cues from the logo of its sister company, SRG Thai Boxing Gym, in the form of also using Cooper Black for the type and using the proportions of the Thai Flag stripes to create a set of bands.

It has proved to be a strong mark in black or white, in small sizes to suit cards and tickets, all the way up to large format banners. It is also not restricted to black and white and can adapt to whatever design it is being used alongside.

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