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Established in early 2013, Parallel Studios believes in working together with like-minded people to create a memorable connection between the consumer and your brand.

Collaboration alongside advice; strategy and problem-solving; using your head and your heart; all to provide design & branding solutions based on the needs of your business. With a diverse creative skillset, Parallel Studios have expertise in branding, digital, communications and, of course, design. In their creative thinking, Parallel strive for two things: to exceed your expectations, and to have fun while doing it. That’s what drives the studio and keeps clients smiling.
Parallel’s clients are as varied as the team’s interests: financial services companies, book cover designers, independent Australian musicians, kickboxing gyms, wine exporters, horse trainers, and the list goes on. No matter the size of the business, or the industry you’re in, our approach remains the same – use a personal approach to finding effective creative and strategic solutions. Although based in Sydney, they have worked with clients from as far reaching places as England, Canada…and Queensland.
Parallel have also built up relationships with a trusted pool of contractors to call on for specialist work so no job is outside their remit. Parallel’s experience in a number of creative industries also means access to many specialist technologies. Parallel’s clients are in capable hands, while not being bound to the skillset of the two founders = Anything is possible.